Simplified ordering and inventory. Helps you control costs and save time.

Servli is serious but simple software designed to save bar and restaurant operators time and money.

  • Modern Technology Saves Time

  • How long do you spend counting inventory and placing orders every week?

    With Servli, your monthly savings in time alone could be as much as:

  • 5 HOURS
Do What you love

Use Servli to place your orders, count your inventory and track your costs. Then get back to doing what you love.

  • Count

    You need to know what you have. Servli is the fastest, simplest way to count what’s on your shelves and in your cooler right from your phone.

  • Order

    One app. One login. Servli orders from all your vendors at once with one order form — yours. It reminds you when to order, alerts you to minimums and notifies you when orders are received.

  • Track

    No more guessing. No more monthly spreadsheet gym­nas­tics. Servli tracks your food and drink costs. Users are saving 2‑15 percent on food costs. Of course, your savings may vary.